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Why offer for Mother’s Day the IOMA gift box and the Eyebrow Workshop?

Are you looking for an original gift for your mother, a gift that is out of the ordinary? So here is the IOMA gift box and the Eyebrow Workshop. Designed by experts, the different products that compose it will sublimate and enhance the look of your mother. Whatever the age, this unique gift is a great way to discover new brands. In addition, it is truly a beautiful and sweet care for this woman who gave you life.

Why a beauty box?

Beauty gift box

IOMA and Atelier du eyebrow gift box

Say goodbye to vacuum cleaners, irons, food processors and other household appliances! Today the trend is for the beauty and well-being box. Like bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolate … certainly appreciated, here it is not about an ephemeral gift on the contrary. Composed of beauty products, this box is the ideal gift for Mother’s Day. Why ? Quite simply because it is addressed to the woman, to this wonderful person who has given you so much. Show her with this box how much you love her and how much you want after all these years that she finally takes care of her with high quality products. But why will you tell me this box rather than another? Your question is of course legitimate and here is my answer. Because in this IOMA gift box and the Eyebrow Workshop you will find unique skincare products like:

  • a tweezers from Atelier du eyebrow: for those who do not know this brand, it is surely one of the experts in the field when it comes to the beauty of the eyes. This tweezers is an exclusive innovation of this brand which combines an led light, a tweezer and a brush to pluck and structure your eyebrows.
  • a lightning-fast eye contour concentrate IOMA: 1st brand in personalized cosmetics, IOMA offers high-tech skincare. It enhances the gaze with 360 ° action, it is concealer, anti-puffiness while having anti-sagging properties of the eyelids.
  • a sublime IOMA stick: it looks like a 2 in 1 pen designed to reduce wrinkles.

You will understand, this box is an excellent gift idea for its side several products in one and for its high-end care.



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