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Which waist cincher to choose? Selection guide and comparison 2021

Models of slimming or sheathing lingerie abound in shops and on the internet. How to navigate to know which waist cincher to choose?

Indeed, a waist cincher differs from a corset, a bustier or a corset. We explain the difference to you and offer you an interesting selection of models of waist cinchers.

What is a waist cincher?

As the name suggests, a waist cincher (or waist cincher) is a garment worn at the level of the cut. It helps keep it tight and also firmly holds the stomach.

Women choose certain waist cinchers for their slimming effect, others for their sexy side.

This term is recent and very often refers, in fact, to a corset or other item of clothing, because there are different kinds of shaping lingerie and confusion is common.

What is the difference between waist cincher, corset, basque and bustier?

It is sometimes difficult to navigate, when it comes to lingerie. The waist cincher, the corset, the bustier and the basque constitute specific pieces, often confused, each one having its own particularity.

  • the waist cincher : it concentrates its zone of action between your pelvis and the top of your waist and thus serves as a “slimming belt” between your waist and your belly. The waist cincher does not encompass your chest or bust. It is chosen for its function as a slimming belt.
  • the corset : it has been around for centuries and its purpose is to hold your bust firmly. It also slims your waist. Its shape resembles that of an hourglass. It also had the initial function of serving as a bra and was laced in the back. In the past, this sheath corset was uncomfortable, but that has changed a lot. Now, the materials used are much softer, the corset is more flexible. This lingerie accessory is often used as an element of seduction: the corset redraws your shapes by giving you a nice flat stomach and thinner hips.
  • the bustier : it aims above all for optimal support of your breasts, which it covers and supports effectively. It is composed like a bra but generally descends lower. It may include a garter belt. Your breasts are thus sublimated, but the function of this element of sexy lingerie remains different from that of a slimming waist cincher. It is not made to slim your figure, unlike the waist cincher. Do not hesitate to consult our advice for choosing a bustier.
  • The corset : it’s a sort of bustier, this time including a garter belt. The basque highlights your chest but it does not have the function of thinning your waist. It emphasizes your shapes and sublimates your curves, without being slimming. Glamorous effect guaranteed!

waist cincher

Why buy a waist cincher?

As we explained above, the role of the waist cincher is D’refine that area of ​​your body. It is not a corset or other such lingerie item. The creators and manufacturers of waist cinchers make every effort to offer you a very slimming accessory. comfortable and soft. You remain free to move around. Nothing to do with the painful corsets of yesteryear!

Women choosing to wear a waist cincher can, for example, come out of a pregnancy. A young mother can thus refine her size, under a fashionable outfit. But this feminine accessory is simply worn as an undergarment intended to enhance your figure and erase some small curves.

In conclusion, in addition to a healthy diet or even the regular practice of a sport, a waist cincher therefore helps you to refine your shapes. You have an hourglass figure and are as glamorous as you want. You can opt for an invisible waist cincher or a belt waist cincher, to adjust over your outfit (there are even some in a gothic style!)

Your size, your morphology, the textile material of the clothing accessory, your budget and your tastes (color, possible lace, style, etc.) must be taken into account during the choice of your waist cincher. We remind you that a waist cincher should not compress you, only highlight your figure. It is not a diet accessory.

In order to help you find the pearl that suits you, here is our selection of waist cinchers of the moment, at different prices.

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