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Which organic soap to use according to your skin?

Whether solid or liquid, natural or scented, choosing an organic soap requires knowing the ingredients present. Depending on whether your skin is oily, dry, dehydrated … you will rather favor such or such plants, vegetable or essential oils. Essential hygiene product, soap cleans and softens the skin. So that your soap offers you all its benefits, favor a cold saponification from an artisanal soap factory. Handcrafted this soap will surprise you with its softness.

Natural or industrial soap?

Organic soap

Even if the use remains the same, the ingredients and the manufacturing diverge between a natural soap and an industrial soap. To start the saponification, for an industrial soap it takes place at a temperature of about 100 ° C. The fats used are often low-end and many additives are incorporated. Regarding a natural soap, it is often made with cold saponification, that is to say that the oils and butters are not heated. Handcrafted, these soaps are composed of olive oil, jojoba or almond oil…, shea butter etc… As for the glycerin, it remains at the very heart of the soap and not separated. Synthetic perfumes are replaced by essential oils and certain artisanal soap factories such as the Cedar soap factory have chosen not to use palm oil.

How to choose your soap?

If your skin is rather oily, choose an organic cold soap rich in oils and glycerin. Less attacked, it will therefore produce less sebum. You can also choose a soap that contains tea tree or clary sage essential oil. If you have reactive and therefore delicate skin, opt more for a neutral soap without essential oils or synthetic fragrances (for industrial soaps). If your skin is dry or mature and lacks flexibility, then turn to a soap enriched with regenerating argan oil or even more moisturizing jojoba oil. These superfatted soaps will really bring elasticity to your skin for maximum comfort.



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