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Visiting Toledo and Alcala de Henares? What to Do and See in 1 Day Tour

You can freely enter and visit the building which is an alternation of large courts decorated with several floors all adorned with arcades and magnificent Spanish patios where students don’t hesitate to relax ^^ .

If you are a lover of literature, Alcala de Henares will be the perfect pilgrimage to visit the city of the author of Don Quixote: Cervantes!

One last detail, which personally made me appreciate my visit to Alcali de Henares even more, is the fact that the roofs of the city are for many decorated with a gigantic stork’s nest! There are plenty of them all over the old town and if it’s the season, we can admire them landing or finishing their cozy nest!

Plaza de Cervantes is the center of urban life in Alcala de Henares. Indeed, connected to two important axes of the city (the street Mayor and the street Libreros), it is an emblem of the city and extends over approximately 11900 m².

Located in the old town, the Plaza de Cervantes offers you its rectangular shapes, topped by its 56 stone pillars and 16 columns.

Cervantes House Museum

During a visit to Alcala de Henares, I advise you to go to the museum of the house of Miguel de Cervantes. In fact, this house Castilian architecture is the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes, who spent part of his childhood there.

You will discover the collections of his works, a sublime central patio as well as period decoration made up of old objects and furniture. dating from the 16th century.

Visit Toledo with Calle Mayor

The famous Calle Mayor of Alcala de Henares is a c street that imposes a length of 396 meters and many original arcades. It is one of the streets the most famous in the historic center of the city.

Main artery of Alcala de Henares, it offers many shops, terraces, restaurants, bars throughout the day.

To walk there is to discover the historical, cultural and social life of the city of Alcala de Henares while strolling under arcades bearing history.

Founded by Cardinal Jiménez de Cisneros, the Public University of Alcala de Henares stands in one of the first university towns in the world.

In fact, Alcala de Henares was the first city that was built as a university town and a model for future ones.

Historically recognized, this 16th century university is the emblem of the intellect and its development. Among the best in the world, the University of Alcala is a true Spanish institution, but also international, especially in the teaching of environmental sustainability.

Visit Toledo with the Toledo City Card

To visit Toledo as it should be, there are a City Card. Indeed, the Toledo City Card allows you to have access to several guided tours (three) and tickets for attractions, and this from 23€.

Traveling with efficiency and simplicity has never been so easy. Thanks to this card, you can make the most of every moment, while saving money.

This map allows you to explore different places of Toledo at willto take part in three visits (discovery of the world heritage of the city, discovery of the legends of Toledo and visit of the city by night) with guide from the city (morning, noon and evening) but also having access to the army museum to discover Spanish history (the Alcazar of Toledo).

You can also take the little train to stroll around and explore the superb city of Toledo.

Guided tour of Toledo

Many excursions and guided tours are available to make your visit to Toledo a moment of sharing and discovery.

The first guided tour:

I recommend the private walking tour of the city Indeed, this 3 hour visit takes you to meet the museums and monuments of the city. To book here.

You will discover all the charming little corners of the city from the sublime cathedral through the various religious buildings (mosques, synagogues, Jewish quarter, etc.) to end with the impressive Church of Santo Torné.

You will learn about the beauty of the city, thanks to guides available in 6 languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Dutch).

This guided tour of Toledo is a concentrate of history and relaxation at the bend of each of the small streets of one of the prettiest Spanish cities.

At the meeting of Spanish traditions, you will be fascinated by history and masterpieces of architecture. Indeed, the exploration of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Toledo, the discovery of the Gothic cathedral, the learning of the technique of the painter El Greco in Sainto Torné as well as the visit of the synagogue of Santa Maria de La Blanca and the Monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes will make your visit to Tolédane a wonder at every moment.

The second guided tour

Another unusual guided tour is worth a visit: the Night Tour of the Mysteries and Secrets of Toledo. Indeed, with a tariff from 19€ for 1H30, you will discover all the hidden magic of the city. To book here.

Between witchcraft and unusual discoveries, you will discover the “hidden” Toledo. This tour gives you access to the most mysterious and disturbing dungeons of the Inquisition.

Experience Spanish history from every angle and soak up the culture of the city with this walking tour of a beautiful city in Spain.

The Domus Plaza Zocodover Hotel takes place in a 17th century building. This hotel is the ideal place for a romantic getaway full of charm and elegance.

Indeed, it is located on the large Plaza Zocodover square, right in the center of the city. The rooms are modern and well equipped and the service offered is of high quality.

Located in one of the most pleasant areas of the city, count between 60 and 80€ for a basic double room. Please note that prices vary depending on the season.

Eugenia de Montijo is part of the Autograph Collection chain. Right in the center of Toledo, this hotel welcomes you in the elegant and historic setting of the former palace of Empress Eugénie de Montijo.

With period style rooms decorated with valuables, this hotel is the charm of a successful visit. 10 minutes from the city’s monuments and major squares, this boutique hotel is a real favourite.

The price is around 150-200€ for a double room. So don’t hesitate any longer and book this getaway right in the center of history and Spanish delicacies.

The Hotel San Juan de los Reyes is right in the historic center of the city. This former flour mill is located in the Jewish quarter of Toledo and displays a 19th century storefront.

As charming as it is impressive, it is ideally placed to enjoy the most beautiful buildings and monuments of Toledo.

Indeed, thanks to a tasteful decoration full of originality, you will enjoy quality service (the breakfast is very good).

Count 100th of euros for one night in a double room (rates that change according to the seasons)



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