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Visit Seville in 18 Activities

Visit Seville it is to go to the Capital of Andalusia, a city of a thousand faces. Sometimes Arab, Jewish, Roman and Western. All his influences have deeply marked the architecture and culture of the city. Fascinating, it perfectly symbolizes the sweetness of life in Andalusia, with its squares and old alleys.

Seville is also a real eye-catcher! Several historic and emblematic monuments, such as the Cathedral and the Alcazar, are listed as world heritage by Unesco.

The city attracts a lot of tourists in all seasons. The accommodation offer is adapted and you will have no trouble finding accommodation. And why deprive yourself of it? In addition to the fascinating sites that Seville has to offer, the mild climate is very appreciable throughout the year. However, beware of those who fear the heat, temperatures in the summer months can be around 40 ° C.

Gastronomy level, Seville, like the rest of Spain, is renowned for its traditional tapas. It’s in the districts of Triana and Macarena that you will be able to savor the best dishes, accompanied by a cold beer. To make your mouth water: Iberian ham, montaditos (small sandwiches), fried fish (mackerel, squid …) and the famous Omelette.



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