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Visit Keukenhof Gardens from Amsterdam

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The Keukenhof garden, the essential visit of spring in Amsterdam

Please note that the park can only be visited in the spring.

For me it’s really to do if you go to Amsterdam in the spring. IT is very popular so I advise you to take a skip-the-line ticket.

The history of the Keukenhof garden

This garden was created in the 15th century. It was part of the domain of Teylingen Castle and served as a vegetable garden for the Countess.

For the little anecdote Keukenhof means the kitchen garden. So you know where it comes from.

In 1840, the park was redesigned by architects and in 1949, Keukenhof was transformed to host flower events. The park also includes exhibition pavilions.

Take a tour of the garden and the park

Keukenhof is the largest flower park in the world with its 7 million tulips. It contributes greatly to the notoriety of Holland in terms of tulips! The bulbs are planted by hand from October to December. At the end of the season, they are dug up to be replanted the following year.

There are 1,000 varieties of old and new tulips in the park. The bulbs are provided free of charge by the exhibitors and the landscape designers imagine the flowerbeds a year in advance. You can therefore visit the park several times by making discoveries.

And if you have succumbed to the charm of the tulip, you can bring back a souvenir by buying a bulb or flowers. It is even possible to order them and have them delivered in the fall when they are planted!

The address of the park : 2160 AB, Stationsweg 166 – Smooth



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