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Tips for visiting the Vatican in Rome

What dress to visit the Vatican?

If you come only stroll in the city and you are happy to visit Saint Peter’s Square, there is no specific outfit required. The same goes for going to the Vatican Museums with the exception of the Sistine Chapel.

It would be regrettable, however, to miss the Basilica and the Chapel without seeing them.

Also I advise you when you stay in Rome and go to the Vatican, to have a suitable outfit. This consists of respecting two rules: cover your shoulders and cover your knees.

So avoid tank tops, marcel or jeans shorts. For the shoulders, a sweater or a fabric covering them may be sufficient. Without respecting these instructions, they won’t let you in to visit the Vatican.

And, because of the news and the risk of attacks, controls are drastic and reinforced. It is therefore better avoid large bags or bulky backpacks. If you have no choice, there are still instructions.



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