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The silk kimono for women: the choice of softness and elegance

Traditional Japanese garment, the silk kimono now dresses women on many occasions. At home or outside, you enjoy the fluidity and the great softness of this elegant garment, often adorned with shimmering colors, in oriental fashion. Here’s what you need to know about the silk kimono for women.

What does a women’s silk kimono look like?

The kimono is an ancestral garment of Japanese origin. The Japanese today wear it during ceremonies but also proudly wear certain types of kimonos on a daily basis. The silk is the fabric used par excellence to make a kimono. This garment is now worn around the world as fashion accessory Where outfit in its own right.

the silk kimono for women is an open garment whose sides are folded down on the front and which is usually closed with a belt. The sleeves are ample and their length is variable. Originally, the width of the fabric sections was very large. Now the cut sought after by fashion and the demand for comfort, it is possible to offer women thinner kimonos with a width similar to that of classic clothes. The pans of fabric are smaller than before and perfectly fit the shape of the woman wearing this silk kimono.

Silk is a natural fiber used in the manufacture of clothing for its extreme candy. She brings to the kimono this large fluidity and that soft touch. the silk kimono for women really constitutes a garment comfortable, more and more appreciated for its particular material (which keeps you cool in summer and keeps you warm in winter), but also for the many patterns it can display. Other materials, such as cotton, can sometimes be used in the making of a kimono, but nothing beats silk, for its softness and lightness.

When to wear a silk kimono?

Essentially worn as an interior garment, the silk kimono has also become a staple of the wardrobe of the fashionistas for outdoors.

  • An interior garment

The silk kimono can be used as a night, to be put on like a bathrobe, dressing gown or negligee. You can choose it long or short, depending on the outfit you wear underneath but also on the heat of the room. Of course, you can also wear it in daytime, in cocooning or telecommuting mode, for more comfort.

i will wear a kimono over a classic outfit, in the street, in the office, at a party with friends, has become a very nice and original trend. To go to work you wear it then short and open (without belt), to decorate a small basic top and a straight skirt, for example. Invited to a party, you can wear a longer kimono, going down to mid-thigh, to complement your pretty dress. The kimono can also be worn to the beach (also without belt): made in an even lighter silk, it is so airy and fashion ! Generally speaking, the kimono can overlap with most outfits, even jeans or shorts. An original and colorful style!

What are the main advantages of a silk kimono?

  • Its fluidity
  • Its extreme softness
  • The assurance of wearing a very trendy garment
  • Its elegance, whatever the composition of your outfit.

How to choose your silk kimono?

The choice of clothing remains specific to each woman. However, there are several criteria you can take into consideration when choosing the kimono of your dreams.

  • Check her cut : Some silk kimonos may fit small, especially if they are kimonos from Japan, so it’s best to try yours on before buying. If you can’t, take it one size up as a precaution. Regarding the sleeves, you can choose half sleeves or 3/4 sleeves. Long, wide sleeves are mostly found on really traditional thick kimonos, not a light silk kimono.
  • Take the time to think about your color : there are indeed so many kinds of silk kimonos! They can be solid in color (perfect for sprucing up an outfit in the office) or decorated with patterns graphics, plant or animal motifs, in joyful and shimmering colors: the choice is vast. You can thus adapt the color of your kimono to the occasion for which you wish to wear it (in the evening, at the beach…).
  • Think about the link between matter and the price : indeed, silk can be natural fibers (of animal origin; for example, the mothworm “Bombyx of the mulberry” makes mulberry silk) and it is then quite expensive; the kimono can even reach, in certain cases, a very high price and thus becomes a true luxury garment. Or, silk can consist of artificial fibers (it is then called “artificial silk”: rayon / viscose): it then becomes more affordable on the budget.
  • Check the finishes : the seams must be impeccable, on such a light garment. Some models of silk kimonos for women are, moreover, embellished with a pretty lace that can appeal to many women.
  • Check the cleaning andmaintenance on the label, but note that a silk kimono is hand washed. Use a very mild cleanser (this can be shampoo). It is important not to twist your kimono while rinsing it. Then just let it dry on a hanger, above your bathtub for example.

the silk kimono for women It is therefore a superb piece to add to your wardrobe. With infinite softness and great comfort, this magnificent garment offers you such variety of patterns and styles that you are sure to find yours! And why not buy several : thus, you will have the kimono style suitable for every occasion.

Find our selection of the moment: 3 beautiful silk kimonos for women.

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