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The most beautiful men’s down jackets

Not only does the down jacket keep you warm, it is stylish! Today, brands take care to work on design to offer you more than just a coat. To help you choose, and continuing our article on women’s down jackets, we have put together the most beautiful down jackets in this selection. Choose from models that are both warm, trendy and qualitative to be perfectly equipped and stylish during several winters!

Our selection of the 5 most beautiful men’s down jackets

1. The Kaporal men’s down jacket with removable hood

Here is a classic, warm and robust down jacket. 100% polyester, it uses a synthetic textile fiber that is very resistant to wind and water. In addition, polyester is very absorbent, which allows it to easily wick away perspiration. Other advantages of this fabric, it is very stretchy and does not wrinkle.

Easy to clean, this Kaporal down jacket can be machine washed at 30 °. It adopts a classic straight cut, a high collar topped with a removable hood, a zipper, long sleeves and two exterior zipped pockets.

The removable hood is a plus. You can take it off and put it back on depending on the weather and go from sporty style to urban look in seconds. Zippered pockets are also beneficial as they provide a secure place for your keys or wallet.

In terms of color, it’s a classic black that covers this 100% polyester down jacket. Other colors are available, blue, red, gray, green or orange. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer green which offers a touch of originality while remaining discreet.

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2. The men’s Oxbow Jonbay sleeveless down jacket

For the more active people who want to keep their freedom of movement, here is a qualitative and stylish sleeveless down jacket for the pre-season. Designed in Sorona, it offers a soft touch, good flexibility and excellent resistance to UV and stains. In addition, this bio-polyester guarantees good insulation and dries quickly.

Thermal comfort will be optimized by a quilted polyester lining. The presence of cotton in the composition of the lining gives it flexibility, breathability and softness. You will close this down jacket with a central zipper. You will have two exterior snap pockets to keep small items close at hand. An interior zipped pocket is also present to house your wallet for example.

Thin, light and warm, this Oxbow sleeveless down jacket brilliantly combines design and quality. Its high collar will protect your neck from the cold while its coyote color will add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Worn over a sweater or a polo shirt, I think this jacket is sure to make people envious!

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3. The Nico men’s black hooded jacket JOTT

This warm and qualitative down jacket has a 100% polyamide composition. Extremely resistant to tears and abrasion, this material promises a very long garment life. Soft, light and warm at the same time, this JOTT down jacket will offer you very good protection against wind and rain.

Regarding the filling of the lining, the down and goose feather will offer you excellent thermal comfort. Indeed, goose down is warmer and more puffy than duck. Lower in weight, goose down can therefore offer equivalent thermal comfort.

Designed for your comfort, this plain puffer jacket has a central zip closure and a stand-up collar topped with a hood. Two zipped pockets will allow you to store small valuables. At the cuffs, the sleeves tighten to prevent the cold from entering your clothes.

I think this down jacket is ideally designed for harsh winters. I advise you to choose a size above your usual size so that you can wear your sweaters without feeling oppressed.

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4. The New Thermoball The North Face men’s hybrid hooded jacket

Here is a men’s down jacket ideally designed for physical activity! Mainly made of ripstop nylon, it incorporates Thermo Ball technology to offer you excellent thermal comfort. The fabric used for the sleeves is a blend of polyester and elastane. Thus, you will retain total freedom of movement to follow your sports training in optimal conditions.

Warm and light, this sports puffer jacket has two exterior zipped pockets and an interior zipped pocket as well. A central zipper will allow you to close and open it. A high collar will protect your neck from the cold. The lightweight hood has the same composition as the sleeves.

Warm, comfortable and high-quality, this down jacket does not neglect aesthetics. Slightly fitted, it combines two pretty blue colors. Other colors are available.

Another advantage of this The North Face down jacket is that it comes with a specific protective case. Thus, it will remain protected from dust during the summer period.

In my opinion, this down jacket is perfectly able to meet your requirements as a winter sportsman. Thanks to its design materials and high-performance insulating technology, you will enjoy the best conditions to meet as many challenges as possible!

5. The Covermason men’s and boys’ down jacket

I end this selection with this superb warm and stylish puffer jacket. By combining cotton and polyester, it manages to offer a soft touch, comfortable wearing, good breathability and excellent resistance to wind and rain.

Equipped with a hood, this puffer jacket is filled with thick duck down. Thus, it is able to offer excellent thermal comfort even in extreme cold. Its high collar is topped with a removable hood. 5 exterior zipped pockets will allow you to carry many objects.

This down jacket has a central zipper and cuffs to prevent the cold from entering the sleeves. Perfectly waterproof, I think this model is perfect for practicing winter sports. Your access pass to the ski slopes will find its place in an outside zipped pocket located at the level of the chest.

On the design side, this blue puffer jacket displays a resolutely sporty look! She is equally stylish in green, orange and black. If you plan to go hiking in the snow, I recommend the blue and orange models that will allow you to stay perfectly visible!

As far as your comfort is concerned, I have no doubts about the capabilities of this down jacket to keep you warm whatever the weather conditions!

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How to choose your Jott down jacket?

If you are still undecided on the choice of your down jacket, we invite you to discover the Jott down jacket. To have a visual, Click here. Now you still have to figure out how to choose it. We are therefore going to give you some information on this subject.

  • The filling: It is important that your down jacket contains feather in addition to the down, so that the filling keeps you warm.
  • The seams: This will be important for the filling to stay in place. If you want a warm puffer jacket, you can select a model with an H-shaped seam.
  • With or without a hood: Obviously, this changes the look of your down jacket slightly, but if you choose this jacket to stay warm and dry, a hood is almost mandatory. We must not forget that the greatest heat loss occurs through the extremities, and therefore the head. If that really bothers you, choose a removable or roll up hood.
  • The sleeves: It’s a bit like the hood, it all depends on your needs.

All you have to do is decide on the color. Black is often chosen because it does not cause much mess, but you can also play the color card.



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