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The “letter of the alphabet” charm: offer a personalized jewel!

A unique gift is always popular. Thanks to alphabet letter charm, materialize your affection for a person by buying him this jewel! Whether it is a single letter on a pendant or several letters charms on a bracelet, you are going to offer a personalized jewelry and original to someone you love.

What is a charm jewel?

The ” charm “, Also called” charme “in French, is an English word for a little fancy gem Of type charm. This ornament can be worn on a bracelet, on an ankle chain, as a pendant on a necklace or as a bag, phone or zip jewel, which it will pleasantly accessorize. You can hang several charms on the same support: for example, on a bracelet.

a jewel charm can take many forms: a small animal, a heart, a four-leaf clover or any other pretty original design, including a letter of the alphabet. These charms are often considered real good luck charms. The person wearing a charm jewelry wishes it to bring him luck or simply wants to highlight the meaning of this little gem and its side affective.

What does a “letter of the alphabet” charm jewel consist of?

Either this charm jewel consists ofone letter of the alphabet, such as the initial of a first name, or the jewel is made up of several charms: a bracelet, for example, may include several letters of the alphabet and thus represent an entire first name.

A charm composed of a single letter is worn as a pendant, whether on a necklace or on a bracelet. It can also adorn your keychain or the object of your choice.

An alphabet jewel made up of several charms includes, several beads in the shape of letters, but also spacers, placed between the letters. These little spacer beads can also fill in the empty spaces on your bracelet. You can also include clips : these stoppers keep the charm beads and the spacers in place in the middle of the bracelet, so that they do not slide along the jewel.

Why choose a charm jewel in the shape of a letter of the alphabet?

Choose a day personalized charm with letters of the alphabetis the assurance of opting for a gift that tells a story and expresses a feeling. Indeed, by assembling the letters charms, you compose a first name, a nickname or any other message according to your desires.

So you can buy a original jewel to offer to someone you love! You can mix your initials and those of your other half, for example. Or, you have a pretty bracelet made with the name of your teenage daughter for her birthday. You make them happy with a charm that presents a real meaning in their eyes: your feelings for the person, a common memory or any other happy event to celebrate. Find the unique piece of jewelry that is sure to please them!

How to choose a “letter of the alphabet” charm?

There are, in fact, a large number of jewelry charms on the market. It’s all about taste and, on the budget side, you should know that you will easily find inexpensive charms.

The bracelets or necklaces for charms are very varied: in silver or leather, for example; of fancy type or, on the contrary, of a more sober or old style.

Likewise, the charms letters of the alphabet to be fixed on a bracelet exist in many forms: a very simple or very stylized letter, a letter in the shape of a cube or a dice, encrusted (or not) with a zirconium oxide stone, to imitate the brilliance of a diamond, or a real zircon.

Several styles of alphabet charms are available to you. Take a good look at them letter shapes, their size, their design, their color and their material (non-allergenic, if possible) to make your choice. Your search criteria will not be the same depending on whether you wish to offer a single letter, as a pendant, or a bracelet bearing an entire first name with several charms and separators.

Emotion guaranteed with this unique jewel

Trust your instincts and remember that the recipient of this lovely gift will be very touched to be offered a gift so personalized ! A moving message via a charm bracelet or necklace is intended for her in a unique way, whether it is her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a remembrance of an important event or , quite simply, the expression of your feelings.

This is what explains why these people consider this original and unforgettable gift as a lucky charm: this delicate and personalized charm jewel has an emotionally charged meaning!

In order to help you choose from all the available collections, here is our Top 5 jewelry charms in the shape of letters of the alphabet :

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