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The Beautiful Selection of VideDressingWeek

Cork is a popular material for its resistance to wear. Indeed, its honeycomb structure makes it less sensitive to friction and impact than other fabrics. Soft and compressible, this material is elastic and light. In addition to being pretty, the cork bag is therefore comfortable to wear. Anti-allergic, it does not absorb dust and prevents the appearance of dust mites. Finally, this natural textile fiber will offer you a waterproof and fireproof bag.

Are you looking for a stylish cork bag? You will surely get lost in the middle of the hundreds of references offered on the web. This is why we are offering you a short guide that will allow you to refine your research. After reading our advice, browse our selection of the most beautiful cork bags and fall for your favorite model!

How to choose your cork bag?

Cork is already a great choice! It will offer you a robust, pretty, light, waterproof and anti-allergic bag. But to be sure you are not mistaken, I advise you to take into account these few determining criteria.


You could refine your research by first determining the approximate size of your future cork bag. Do you need a handbag, beach bag or model to get to the market? Depending on the use you reserve for it, your new bag does not impose the same volume.

So take the time to think about how you want to use it so that you only select the formats that meet your requirements.

Storage space

A cork bag offering different separate storage spaces will be more practical. If it is a handbag, several pockets would be very useful to organize the storage of your things and not waste time looking for them. A beach bag with several pockets would also be interesting for putting certain items away from the sand.

Take the time to study the interior design and exterior pockets of the model you are interested in. So you can be sure that you are making the right choice.


Because a bag is intended to be worn, it must be comfortable. Indeed, you must preserve your back and your shoulders. Different methods of carrying will be offered to you. Shoulder strap, shoulder straps or hand handles, make your choice according to your requirements, the weight and the volume that you will carry in your bag. But for your comfort, choose models that provide their handles, straps or handles with padding. These elements will protect your shoulders and hands from friction.

The drawings

Finally, observe the visual appearance of each of the proposed bags and choose the one that seems the prettiest to you! Try to imagine it with your different outfits to make sure everything looks harmonious. But know that the cork bag goes with many styles of clothing. In addition, you will have the choice between different colors. Sometimes patterns will be present to bring a touch of fantasy to the cork bag. Take your time to study the variety of designs on offer.

Since you are about to choose a trendy and original feminine accessory, do not hesitate to follow your tastes and your desires! Thus, you will cultivate your own style!

Top 6 most beautiful cork bags according to Vide Dressing

1. The Corkor light brown cork backpack 29 x 29 cm

I’m starting this selection with this premium cork backpack for women. Its light brown shade is very elegant and soft. It does not offer decorative patterns, but is still very attractive. Sober and compatible with all types of clothing, it has medium dimensions.

In terms of volume, I think this bag equates to a standard size handbag. Inside, you can slip your wallet, your cell phone, your keys, a bottle of water and many other small miscellaneous items that can be found in a lady’s purse.

Comfortable and light, this cork backpack has two adjustable straps. A handle is also present to allow you to carry it by hand. The main pocket flap closes with a magnetic button. A drawstring is also present to secure the wearing of all your things.

Robust and durable, this cork bag has a cotton lining.

Its strengths: elegant design, several choices of colors, light, comfortable, adjustable straps, good capacity, excellent quality

Its weak points: the manufacturer does not inform us about the possible presence of separate pockets inside the bag, the price

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2. The cork backpack with geometric patterns Tikea

This small feminine backpack offers an original style with its black geometric patterns on a light background. The contrast is striking! One thing is certain, this model will not go unnoticed. Eco-friendly, this cork bag offers a soft and light wood-effect texture.

Its adjustable straps make it comfortable to wear. Its small handle will also allow you to carry it by hand. Elastic, this bag can accommodate the many objects in your current handbag. A drawstring, a flap and a clip-on buckle will secure your things.

Spacious and high-quality, this pretty bag with an original design is made of cork and lined with fabric. Its reinforced seams will optimize its resistance to wear. Compatible with all your clothing outfits, this model is unanimous among users!

Its strengths: spacious, comfortable, light, original design, adjustable straps, robust design, two choices of colors

Its weak point: not very elegant, the clip-on buckle corresponds more to the sportswear style

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3. The tote handbag in light brown cork with gold polka dots The Eva Jensh & Co

With a textile lining, this cork handbag is very spacious. It will therefore be able to accommodate all the belongings present in your current handbag. Cell phone, wallet, keys, diary, water bottle and many other accessories will find their place.

The main pocket of this bag closes with a sturdy zipper. Inside this large pocket, you will find 4 other separate storage spaces, 2 of which are zipped. In other words, you will find enough to organize the storage of your things.

Lightweight and comfortable, this model can be worn over the shoulder or in the hand. Its light brown hue is very elegant. The small golden dots stand out discreetly to offer a very appreciable little touch of fantasy. I find this cork bag very elegant. It will match with your evening dresses and your beach outfits!

Soft to the touch, waterproof, flexible and durable, this tote handbag has a breathable and resistant cotton / polyester lining. I think its capacity and zippers are its main strengths.

Its strengths: elegant design, zipped pockets, large capacity, two carrying modes, several separate storage spaces

Its weak point: no shoulder reinforcement on the shoulder strap

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4. The Belli & Pingitore white cork handbag

Rather expensive, this high-end handbag offers pretty floral patterns. The pink flowers are hand painted on the cork canvas. Its hand handles and leather shoulder strap are thin, white and adjustable to offer you comfortable wearing in all circumstances.

The main pocket of this cork bag closes with a zipper. Thus, all your accessories will be secure. Made in Italy, it does not offer as much storage space as the previous bag but excels in terms of design. Indeed, the patterns are a real plus that makes all the difference.

I think this pretty qualitative, robust and light bag will go perfectly with all your summer outfits!

Its strengths: superb design, quality materials, sturdy leather shoulder straps and strap, a zipper

Its weak point: no separate pockets

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5. The bohemian boho-chic Otaké cork backpack 27 x 24 cm

Dotted with golden shards, this feminine cork backpack is very stylish. Trendy, it can be worn as a backpack thanks to its adjustable straps. These are in beige imitation leather and go perfectly with the bag. A handle will also allow you to carry it by hand.

At the back of the bag, a small zipped pocket is present to accommodate identity papers, for example. Entirely lined with a colored fabric, the interior of the bag offers a large storage space. Another small zipped pocket is provided to slip the keys and / or the mobile phone.

The main pocket is also secured by a metal zipper with double opening and gusset on the sides. Small, light and comfortable, this cork backpack will match all your outfits.

Its strengths: elegant design, light and comfortable design, adjustable straps, zipped pockets, robust design

Its weak point: small volume

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6. The MenKai cork shoulder bag 20 x 12 x 2.5 cm

This small cork bag is designed to offer two modes of carrying: by hand and over the shoulder. The strap that will allow you to wear it on the shoulder is adjustable. Thus, you will adjust it to your morphology to benefit from maximum comfort.

In this small bag, you will slip your mobile phone, some makeup accessories and your small wallet. Thus, you will not be burdened with a bunch of unnecessary items for your little walks in the city. The main pocket is secured with a zipper. A zip will also give you access to a small outside pocket.

The two carrying straps of this cork bag are removable. You can therefore use it as a pocket! Made from cork from Portugal, this model is waterproof, durable, flexible and lightweight. Its light brown color and black geometric patterns give it real elegance.

Very trendy, I think this little handbag will match all your outfits. In addition, it offers a very ergonomic design.

Its strengths: several carrying modes, adjustable shoulder strap, removable straps, compact size, elegant design, soft colors, zipped pockets

Its weak point: reduced capacity

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