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The 5 most beautiful natural silk pillowcases

Not only do they look pretty, silk pillowcases seem to offer many benefits in terms of skin comfort and beauty. After showing you some supposed benefits of this fabric renowned for its softness and lightness, I will present a selection of the most beautiful silk pillowcases referenced on the canvas. So you can choose this new comfort accessory today!

Why buy a silk pillowcase?

Most of us sleep on cotton pillowcases. This soft-touch fabric feels good on the skin, but often leaves sleepy folds on the face. However, the more our skin ages and loses elasticity, the longer it takes to remove these unsightly traces on the face.

Light, fluid and delicate, silk limits the friction of the fabric on the skin and prevents the appearance of these famous folds of sleep. Much less absorbent than cotton, it would limit dehydration of the skin. Thus, some believe that silk pillowcases would be able to preserve the suppleness and softness of the skin, in other words the youth of the face.

Like cotton, silk is hypoallergenic. It therefore respects the sensitivity of the most fragile skin. Respectful of the epidermis, this natural textile fiber would also be beneficial for the hair. Soft and silky, it lets the hair slide over the pillowcase reducing excessive friction causing hair breakage.

Finally, silk limits static electricity and turns out to be an excellent temperature regulator. Warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, it will offer you very pleasant sleeping conditions. In other words, you will no longer need to turn your pillow over to find freshness in summer!

Top 5 most beautiful natural silk pillowcases according to Vide Dressing

1. Zimasilk 100% natural mulberry silk pillowcase 50 x 75 cm

Silver gray, this pillowcase is made from mulberry silk. This natural fiber of animal origin offers a resistant, silky, light and very insulating fabric. So your skin and hair will be pampered and respected while you sleep.

Easy to insert, it has a hidden zipper. Its standard dimensions allow it to adapt to most pillows. Renowned anti-aging, hypoallergenic, soft and breathable, silk will allow you to sleep peacefully while avoiding unsightly skin folds when you wake up. Plus, your hair will break and tangle less. You might save time on hairstyling every morning!

To match with your favorite duvet cover, the Zimasilk silk pillowcase offers a large number of different colors. Whichever you choose, the color is guaranteed to be vibrant and long-lasting. Machine washable with a specific mode, this model offers neat stitches for better resistance over time and a nice look.

In terms of quality, users are won over. Those who discover this natural fabric are amazed by its softness and lightness!

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2. The LilySilk 5 cm flat ruffle natural silk ear cover 50 x 75 cm

Barely more expensive than the previous one, this natural silk pillowcase has the same dimensions. Its different design gives it a kind of 5 cm wide steering wheel. This goes all around the pillowcase. This detail offers a little more aesthetic.

The characteristics of this pillowcase are similar to those of all natural silk pillowcases. Soft, hypoallergenic, light, resistant and insulating, it will take care of your skin, your hair and will prevent unsightly skin folds when you wake up. In addition, it will limit the absorption of your night cream compared to your cotton pillowcase.

This model is adorned with a pretty ivory shade. Other colors are available, but fewer than those of the previous model. I particularly like the royal blue and the pink rose which bring out the shiny aspect of the silk. Choose a color close to that of your favorite duvet cover for a pretty set.

Machine washable, this pillowcase offers excellent value for money according to users. On the other hand, some colors do not seem to conform perfectly to the images.

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3. OLESILK natural mulberry silk pillowcase 65 x 65 cm

Less expensive than the two previous models, this pillowcase offers square dimensions. Designed in mulberry silk, it offers a soft and silky feel, increased resistance and breathability, hypoallergenic properties and real insulating capacities. In other words, your sleep will gain in comfort and serenity!

With this accessory, you will no longer have to try by all means to make the folds of sleep on your skin disappear. It will be fresh and rested and your long hair will be less tangled. Your hair may also limit breakage overnight.

Machine washable with a specific program, this black silk pillowcase offers other colors. Among them, a gray offers pretty floral patterns. The choice is yours according to the color of your best duvet cover. Thus, you will have the pleasure of admiring a magnificent bed set when entering your room!

Easy to put on, this soft and respectful pillowcase has a discreet zipper. Once again, natural silk fulfills the expectations of all buyers. On the other hand, some question the robustness of the zip.

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4. The FLCA natural mulberry silk pillowcase

Adorned in a sublime light green, this natural mulberry silk pillowcase is extremely smooth and soft. Very insulating, it will stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Thus, you will limit your sweating during hot summer nights. Your sleep will be all the more beneficial and restorative! In winter, your pillow will heat up quickly to comfort you.

Handcrafted, this silk pillowcase will take care of your skin and hair. Every morning you will notice the absence of sleep folds and less tangled hair. Not very absorbent, the silk will not soak up your night cream, thus ensuring your skin is preserved.

Easy to install, this pillowcase also has a discreet zipper. Extremely light and soft, it only makes people happy! Many other colors are available. For me, this light green is by far the prettiest.

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5. The pillowcase 100% natural mulberry silk superior quality 50 x 75 cm Secret de Beauté

Here is the most expensive silk pillowcase in this sweet selection! 100% natural mulberry silk, it has standard dimensions and is of superior quality. This is evidenced by a high tissue density. Soft and respectful, this pillowcase will take care of your skin and your hair in summer and winter.

Indeed, its insulating properties will allow you to feel comfortable in all circumstances. Plus, you’ll no longer notice unsightly folds on your face every morning. Your hair will be less tangled and will limit breakage. Finally, your night cream will not be absorbed by your pillow, but will hydrate your skin while you sleep.

Other sizes are available, but only one color is available: an elegant white for a very sober decorative effect in the bedroom. This discreet and refined color will match all your duvet covers.

Hypoallergenic, soft and silky, this pillowcase seems to be the most qualitative of this selection. Prepare to spend nights filled with softness and comfort!

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