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The 17 must-see places in a weekend

The Olympic stadium or Panathenae stadium

Between the district of Pangrati And the one of Food is the famous Panathenae stadium ! . Its original construction dates from 4th century BC ! For centuries, it was the theater where the gladiatorial fights, the poetry competitions, chariot races and also the Olympic games !

It is a place steeped in history with more than 2500 years of existence. Perfectly preserved, it is also known under the name of “Stadium of marble” because during the Roman period, it was covered with white marble.

The elongated track is typical of the ancient stadium (with a length of 200 meters approximately, where the turn was very tight). And the stadium itself could accommodate more than 70,000 people !

In 1896, the stadium experienced a new moment of glory by welcoming the first modern Olympic Games ! Nicknamed ” Olympic Stadium »Since then, he was re-elected for the occasion during the 2004 games.

Today the stadium hosts events sportsmen and cultural from the capital.

For your information, this entry ticket is one of the 16 included in the iVenture Card (see here).

Another archaeological site located at the foot of the Acropolis: Now! In Antiquity, it was the public square of Athens. Do not hesitate to go visit the ruins of the heart of city life, provided of a plan.

This will allow you to better visualize the different remains shops, craftsmen’s stalls, public monuments that were there. This is in order to relive the effervescence that was to reign in this place a few tens of centuries ago!

You will have understood it, during Antiquity as today, now a “place to be” in places to visit Athens.

And it is obviously possible to visit it, several guided tours (including this one for young and old) are available for history buffs.



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