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Silver jewelry: why wear a name necklace?

An elegant accessory particularly appreciated by women, the name necklace has been in fashion for a number of years. You wonder why such popularity? Quite simply because it allows to accentuate the personality of its wearer and that it agrees with the most casual outfits. Versatile, this personalized jewelry can be worn regardless of age, gender or even clothing style.

The trend of silver jewelry

Cross jewel necklace

Name cross necklace

In addition to the beauty aspect of this white metal, silver by its timeless character always seduces as much. Its use dates back to Antiquity and it is its malleability, flexibility and shine that have enabled this metal to make fibulae, coins, medals, etc., as well as adornments.

Made today in a variety of styles, it adapts to each person’s personality. Silver jewelry can be raw or adorned with precious and semi-precious stones to enhance its beauty.

In recent years, the silver name necklace has become a must in terms of jewelry. Everywhere in magazines, on the net, celebrities and other fashionistas show off their name necklaces. Know that if you also want to wear or offer this type of jewelry, it is very important to choose it carefully, taking into account the morphology and style of the person who wears it. For example, a person with broad shoulders should ideally choose a longer and wider necklace. For those with a short, thick neck, a thinner and more delicate necklace will work better. As for the thin neck, it can wear just as much a thin collar as it is wide or even very wide. XXL fashion is particularly suited to its people.

Another trend that is just as popular with both women and men is the accumulation of jewelry. So you can for example superimpose necklaces of different sizes, several bracelets etc … Be careful all the same to the lack of taste and the mixture of materials.

More or less accessible to all budgets depending of course on the models, these jewels are available in many materials and eclectic styles. Here are some of the more popular varieties:

  • the silver cross necklace available in elegant and respectful finishes
  • the surprisingly popular silver heart necklace with people of all ages
  • the engraved silver name necklace or not
  • the silver necklace with or without pendants. Pendant necklaces come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to suit the personality of the wearer.
  • etc …



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