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Personalized treatment: discover your beauty routine

Today it is quite possible to offer you a personalized care 100% tailor-made. How? ‘Or’ What ? Quite simply with the IOMA cream face of true technological innovation in the service of a new generation of cosmetics. Thanks to its exceptional effectiveness, this cream will bring you, depending on your skin type and its specificity, all the nutrients essential for its good health and its development. Simply for beautiful and perfectly healthy skin every day.

Your personalized cream

Thanks to a technological analysis of your skin, the IOMA innovation delivers you an ideal 100% personalized formula. The objective, to act on the fundamental functions of your skin. This treatment will hydrate, regenerate your skin and provide all the elasticity and firmness that are essential for it. This cream will also act on its cell renewal and bring to your skin personalized treatment for a high-end beauty routine. With 18 different active ingredients your face will regain all its radiance.

A unique beauty gesture

With skin that evolves over the course of your life, it’s important to target its real needs. Day after day your skin will regain its luminosity and beauty. Real personalized response, IOMA is 40,257 possible formulas including one made for you. This exceptional cutting-edge technology is available in various facial treatments with its day cream, night cream, serum, etc. IOMA also offers body treatments. “My cream” IOMA was voted Best Face Care, Best Personalized Care and Jury’s Favorite by Cosmétique Mag in 2018 and 2019. Luxury products, these ever more sophisticated and efficient treatments are a concentrate of benefits for your skin. Always pushing back the limits of cosmetics is a bit the bet of the brand with the sole aim of providing unparalleled tailor-made care.



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