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N26 Review 2021 – Best Online Bank for Travel? Test and Price

My experience with traditional banks as a traveler

That was 6 – 7 years ago. I naturally made an appointment with my traditional bank advisor to find out if options exist or if my card could be adapted to my project. This dear lady told me: go ahead there is no problem, we take into account that you are abroad, we will not block payments and withdrawals.

I said to myself, it’s great. And finally, this story cost me dear. When you have no special options, you have fees on each payment of up to 2%, plus fees for withdrawals abroad.

I realized this after 5 months of traveling. I was in Mongolia, I met French people who were also taking road trips. By discussing our travel habits, we found that we were in the same bank.

And there they told me about International Jazz option. I directly sent a message to my banker who had left (I’m sure for incompetence) and there I was offered an option for withdrawals and international payments.

Then I used this option for the end of my trip and for a few years. Note that this option is of course cheaper than no option but is not free. Between the option and the miscellaneous costs, it’s about 20 € / month. It may not seem like much but put end to end, it makes a nice budget.



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