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My 15-day backpacking itinerary

I did a trip to Taiwan because many of my fellow travelers who have been there recently have highly recommended it to me!

Just like Colombia, Iran and the Philippines, countries that I had chosen on the opinions of other travelers, I absolutely did not regret it.

I came back completely under the spell of Taiwan!

To sum it up in a clear and precise way before giving you all the details of my itinerary, traveling to Taiwan means:

  • Contrary to the stereotype that we don’t have: Very natural and not very industrialized (barely 20% of the territory)
  • A country with a preserved nature : as surprising as it may seem
  • Lovely people inspired by Japanese mentality and respect: 50 years of occupation
  • A delicious food with Chinese and Japanese influences: A combination to die for
  • A safe country where people hitchhike you very easily
  • Incredible cleanliness even in cities: not a single waste on the ground, even a cigarette butt

Traveling in Taiwan is going to visit a country that is still little publicized and off the beaten track.. Clearly those are the countries that I prefer!

There aren’t many tourists, it’s authentic and people don’t see you as a purse but as a cultural curiosity, which they are eager to discover with pleasure.

So i will give you the day by day route of my trip to Taiwan, so that you can make the most of this extraordinary country for 15 days! Obviously if you have more to devote to it, do it without hesitation.

If you have already been on a trip to Taiwan, do not hesitate to add your good addresses and your good advice in the comments!



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