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Jeans, the flagship item of your wardrobe

The first denim jeans from the famous Levi’s brand were created in 1853 and it was a little later, in 1934, that the first Levi’s jeans for women appeared. This piece quickly became a wardrobe staple that never went out of style. A true timeless basic, jeans are now available in a wide variety of models: wide, slim, high waist, low waist, large size… There is no shortage of choice, but you still have to know how to choose your jeans! Here is some information on jeans, a flagship item in your wardrobe, synonymous with style, comfort, but also elegance, to wear in all circumstances.

The different types of jeans

There are several kinds of jeans, with different cuts and colors. Here is a list of the main jeans that you can find in store:

  • Straight jeans or straight jeans, or even regular: it is the classic and basic cut. Neither too narrow nor too wide, it is easy to wear and is suitable for most body types.
  • Slim jeans: fitted and more skin-tight, these jeans shape the shape and hug the leg from top to bottom, tightening at the ankle. Skinny jeans are a variation of slim, and are very close to the body.
  • The flare jeans or “legs of eph”: it is adjusted at the level of the thighs and more flared at the bottom. This high waisted style is a staple ’70s fashion accessory that has never gone out of style and is best paired with high enough heels for added style.
  • Boyfriend jeans: masculine cut, it gives a more relaxed look.
  • Bootcut jeans: in the same style as the eph placket, it flares out from the knees and remains wide up to the ankles.
  • 7/8 jeans: resolutely feminine, these jeans have a length at mid-calf or above the ankles. It can be straight, slim or even bootcut style.


How to choose the best jeans?

Choosing jeans can be a real headache! It’s common to spend long periods in the cabin trying on several styles of jeans, but never find what suits you. To be sure to find the jeans you need, you need to find the piece that will highlight your buttocks and your legs. For this, it is important to know your body type. What you find stylish on another person won’t necessarily suit your figure.

  • For a V-shaped silhouette, with slender legs: you should rather favor high-waisted models (which mark the waist well), slim jeans, bootcut jeans (to balance your overall look), boyfriend or eph legs. Straight jeans should be avoided as they are not ideal for thin legs.
  • For an A-shaped silhouette: bootcut, flare, straight, regular or high waist jeans are the models for you. They structure the legs well and the silhouette is better balanced. However, slim or skinny jeans should be avoided, as this will make the hips stand out too much.
  • For an X-shaped silhouette: you’re in luck, all styles of jeans can suit you! Whether they are high waist or normal, you can mark your waist with a beautiful belt.
  • For an “i” silhouette: the priority is straight jeans, slim or boyfriend, or even 7 / 8th. They are perfect for highlighting the legs and emphasizing the lower figure. However, don’t choose it too wide!
  • For an H-shaped silhouette: the most suitable jeans are slim jeans and regular straight jeans, with a normal waist. They make it possible to feminize the silhouette, which the boyfriend jeans will not do in this case.
  • For an O-shaped silhouette: it is better to favor straight models of normal size, especially if your curves are at the level of the belly. If you go for bootcut or flare jeans, be sure to wear heels, so they don’t compress your figure. For O-shaped silhouettes, it is preferable to give a lengthening and shaping effect (especially on the hips and stomach), by choosing a model that is not too tight. This is why slim jeans should be avoided, because they bring out curves.


If you have a stomach, it is advisable to opt for high-waisted jeans, for a shaping effect and optimal comfort. For women with pronounced hips, it is better to choose straight jeans, which curves the legs without too much molding, and which balances the silhouettes. For wide thighs, the best option is straight jeans or flare jeans, which reduce the difference between thighs and calves. Finally, if you are particularly tall, with an imposing build, rest assured, large size jeans exist and you can also find what you are looking for.

Your jeans should also be chosen according to the shape of your buttocks: for flat buttocks, it is better to turn to jeans with flap pockets to give an effect of volume. On the contrary, for plump buttocks, small pockets are preferable. The majority of women find that their buttocks are too wide: if this is your case, bet on a shaping model with well-centered pockets, to give a tightened effect.

Another criterion to take into consideration when choosing your jeans is also your size. Small women should avoid the bootcut or flare and opt for slim or straight jeans instead. On the contrary, for tall women, the slim, the 7/8, the straight, or the bootcut are well suited.

In general, low-rise jeans should be avoided, whatever your figure, size and body type. They tend to accentuate the hips too much and flatten the buttocks.



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