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How to choose it well?

Do you dream of slipping into a comfortable outfit on your way home in the evening? Or to spend a day cocooning without wearing your usual clothes? Therefore the satin bathrobe is made for you. Small presentation of this bathrobe feminine and practical at the same time.

What is a satin bathrobe?

Basically, a bathrobe is a loose garment with long sleeves and a belt at the waist to close it and create a V-neck. The most common are bathrobes, in absorbent material (terry cloth), with pockets and sometimes a hood. But there are also bathrobes meant to be worn as plain indoor clothing. the satin bathrobe is one of them and it is very appreciated for its fluid and pleasant material.

Regarding the fabric of this bathrobe, it is often believed that the satin is a material: it is not. Indeed, it is in fact a fashion weaving. So you can find silk satin, 100% polyester satin or cotton satin, for example. Whatever the material used to weave your satin bathrobe, this garment will always give you a certain well-being.

When to wear a satin bathrobe?

You can wear your satin bathrobe as a simple pyjamasFirst of all: looser and more pleasant to the touch than classic pajamas, it also gives you the comfort you need in the evening or in the morning. Or anytime of the day, if you don’t need to go out and want to enjoy some quiet time at home, in a cool outfit and more fashion than ordinary pajamas.

As sexy outfit, then, of course. Many models of satin bathrobes can be offered to spice up your life as a couple. Some models are sometimes embellished with lace. You can wear your satin robe over a nightie if you wish.

In summer, to put on as a garment light : the satin bathrobe allows you to stay dressed at home without suffering from the heat. You can continue to work on the computer or go about your usual business at home without being tucked into tight jeans or heavy shorts. The satin bathrobe makes you feel really comfortable.

Satin bathrobe: what is its ideal length?

  • In winter, you may prefer a bathrobe long in satin, covering your legs well up to mid-calf.
  • Conversely, in summer or if your accommodation is sufficiently heated, you will of course be more comfortable wearing a bathrobe. to research in satin, stopping at mid-thigh.
  • Mid-size women’s bathrobes are very common: these bathrobes mid-length in satin come down to your knees.

You decide which one to wear, depending on the situation. And why not buy one of each kind? So you will always have the satin bathrobe you need at hand.

To note : remember to adapt the length of your satin bathrobe to that of your nightgowns, if you want to be able to match them easily.

Do not forget, either, to take into account the size of the sleeves of the bathrobe, when you make your choice: ¾ sleeves or long sleeves.

What are the advantages of a satin bathrobe?

  • Its softness on your skin
  • The comfort it provides
  • Its elegance
  • The enhancement of your femininity.

Our advice : do not hesitate to choose a quality satin bathrobe for your wedding! Satin and lace go hand in hand to dress a bride with sensuality on the wedding night.

How to choose a satin bathrobe?

As for the choice of length, the other criteria are specific to each of you:

  • the material of the bathrobe: the shine obtained is not the same depending on the material
  • its color: plain or multicolored patterns
  • its size: you must not float in it, even if a bathrobe remains loose; in addition, be aware that satin bathrobes are also available for large sizes
  • his price.

Indeed, the price of a satin bathrobe depends on the material used when weaving the satin. You can easily find an inexpensive satin bathrobe (especially polyester satin) suitable for small budgets, like a real silk kimono if you opt for a high-end, even luxury garment.

If you wish, some brands allow you to personalize your satin bathrobe: a nice idea to suggest to your other half for your birthday, for example, or for Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? Operation seduction! A unique and sexy gift at the same time.

the satin bathrobe So gives you softness and well-being on a daily basis. The ideal fluidity and the amplitude of this essential garment assure you a great comfort and a beautiful elegance.

Find our selection of the moment: 5 pretty feminine satin bathrobes.

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