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Here is the best travel insurance for a short break vacation!

What is the best travel insurance? Already there is no a lot of confidence for short stay packages. It is very rare to be able to subscribe to the week. I identified three insurers.

In my research, I discovered Zen travel (see their site). And, among other insurances specializing in short stays, it is in my opinion the best travel insurance and especially the less expensive. Indeed, for my two weeks in Iran, with Travel Zen, I had some for 31 €.

Several insurance formulas

Zen travel possessed two formulas : a Standard and an expanse. I subscribed to the standard formula which already covers well in my opinion. It is the equivalent of standard long-term insurance.

The services provided by Travel Zen are good and make it, the best insurance in my opinion.

You have heard of course, the medical expenses in case of illness or accident with insurance coverage in the event of hospitalization.
Then, also, you have in the insurance the repatriation in case of illness, accident and death. You also have the early return in case of sickness the fall or death of a close member.

24 hour assistance!

Then you have someone from reachable 24 hours a day and in multiple languages. Very practical because in general, we need insurance always at bad time ! It is the same team then that you inform and follow you.

After that, you also have very significant related advantages. Like the public liability private life even if you are babysitting.
And, you still have other advantages. You are covered if you practice a winter sport or to risk.

No more insurance nickname imposed by the service providers, you can draw your Travel Zen short stay insurance !
Then, no short stay is really pleasant without luggage, and Travel Zen included in its formula these.

Travel Zen insurance is valid in the whole world and without franchise on essential guarantees. You also have the choice of your doctor or from hospital. Insurance do not impose anything on you.

Travel Zen is also nomadic with his mobile apps which allows you to follow your contract and your refunds.



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