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Hair extension: how to go about it?

Do you want to change your mind for the end of the year? So why not fall for a hair extension ?! Clip-in extensions, keratin extensions, adhesive extensions, loops … whatever your desires, you will inevitably find the formula of your choice. For this, choose a specialist in natural hair extensions so you can be sure to get a reliable and quality result, as if it were your real hair.

Which hair extensions to choose and how to apply them?

Hair extension

Keratin Hair Extension

In fact it all depends on what you want. If it is for a short, medium or long term extension, the choice ofhair extension will not be the same. Before you start hair extensions, know that there are inevitably advantages and disadvantages depending on the method chosen. Because if you have very fine and / or weakened hair, opt for a cold extension instead. Because it will be gentler on your hair than a hot extension. Whatever the method, be patient for optimal results. Because the goal is that everyone sees nothing but fire.

Here are the different hair extensions offered:

  • clip-in extensions : equipped with metal clips that are also called clip-in, these extensions are made of natural or synthetic hair according to your choice. Inexpensive, these extensions are in return more visible than other proposed formulas.
  • keratin extensions : this method requires a hot installation, ie thanks to a heat source. With a very natural effect, this method still requires a lot of dexterity. This is why it is often carried out by a professional.
  • adhesive tape extensions : as the name suggests, this method consists of applying different bands of ultra thin hair. Repositionable, of different volumes and different lengths, this method will give you a most incredible effect.
  • etc …

Note that depending on the method chosen, the lifespan of your extensions varies. Some of these can even be colored. Do not hesitate to ask your specialist for advice, whether online or in store.

Once you have determined the right type of extension for your hair, and the thickness and length you want, you can lay it in or have it professionally applied. Then the question that all women ask themselves is how to maintain them? Because of course, you will have to take care of your hair when washing and especially drying. Before washing them, make sure that you hair are well disentangled for this use either your fingers or a very soft brush. Then wash your hair gently. What seems most advisable is to wash them in the shower in the standing position. Then dry your hair either naturally or with a hairdryer in the cold air position.

Regarding shampoos, detangling balms, etc., choose suitable, very gentle products. Once again, do not hesitate to ask your dealer for advice for the most stunning results, ladies!



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