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False breasts: for a pushy neckline

Symbol par excellence of femininity, breasts are truly a beauty asset. They expose themselves, they admire each other and are constantly highlighted by bras and tight clothes, necklines etc … Here it is not a question of talking about cosmetic surgery that will bring you breast augmentation , but fake breasts that you ladies or gentlemen can wear for an evening.

Silicone fake breasts

Women with large breasts certainly do not need to slip fake breasts into their bra or wear a silicone breast. These models are mainly intended for women who are complexed by the small size of their breasts, to these women who have undergone a mastectomy and also to men who wish to cross-dress. Thus women, transgenders, drag queens, bigeners… may at some point want to sport a pushy neckline. So there are different models on the market of fake breasts at quite affordable prices. Here is a model of cup A fake breasts which is intended for women with a rather small almost flat chest and for some men. Made of high quality hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, these fake breasts have a very soft touch and a really real look thanks to its teardrop shape. You will love.

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This same model comes in an E cup and has a slightly more tanned complexion. Because of course a model of false breasts is also chosen according to the color of your skin. As for the cup size, indulge yourself. These fake breasts slip into a bra. Other models come with braces and may be more for women who have had a mastectomy. Always of a good quality, flexible and comfortable, these fake breasts are very practical on a daily basis because they are attached to straps which are fixed in the back.

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The next model is aimed more at gentlemen who want to disguise for an evening. Made of 100% medical silicone, comfortable and tactile, this breast is very flexible and slips on like a sweater. In different shades, this fake chest is aimed at men weighing between 60 and 85 kg. Perfect under a dress or a little top.

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Always for you gentlemen, if you are one of those crossdresser you will love the following model. Made of medical grade silica gel, this envelopes which goes from the neck to the waist and which closes with a zipper in the back is soft and supple. It looks very close to human skin. Easy to wear, it brings a very pretty silhouette and comes in different sizes. Some women can also be seduced by this type of model.

Whatever the model, these fake breasts and fake breasts bring confidence, self-confidence and aesthetics. It is so important that you feel good about yourself no matter what you wear. Because these fake breasts bring beautiful curves assumed. Some women may choose reinforced bras more to feel good about themselves. Here are some examples.

Reinforced bras

Always in the same perspective to bring volume to your breasts, if you are still hesitating about fake breasts you can always opt for the padded or padded bra. With cups reinforced with more or less dense foam, you will thus obtain more or less rigidity.
Almost all models of bras can be padded or padded with flexible cups.

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Otherwise, you can opt for a real breast augmentation, using implants in particular by calling on a professional in this field!

Why choose breast augmentation with implants?

Whether it is silicone gel or physiological serum, women are now more and more likely to want a bigger breast. Indeed, they are sometimes very complexed and fake breasts are not always used to deceive the men or other women they covet. So if you want increase the volume of the breasts with prostheses, this is all the more possible as we now find more and more professionals who offer operations at sometimes very affordable prices. For that, there is no need to go to countries other than France: very good surgeons are known for these operations which can prove to be delicate, and for that you should take absolutely no risk. Indeed, women who did not take their cosmetic surgery seriously and who preferred to request an operation at a low price are sometimes very disappointed with the result they were able to obtain, as we can sometimes see from testimonials. on social networks.



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