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Evening dress: How to choose the ideal model for your morphology?

Difficult to find the ideal evening dress ! Very often, we fall for a dress, we find it sublime, but once worn, the magic does not operate. Don’t panic, this kind of disappointment is not inevitable! To make no mistakes and shine brightly during your next evenings with family or friends, all you have to do is understand your body type and take it into account during your next purchases. By making sure to choose an evening dress that fits your figure and not the other way around, you can be sure of shopping success. Whether you are thin, round, small or large, discover now our advice to find the evening dress that will sublimate your curves like never before!

Generous silhouette: bet on dresses that enhance the curves

Your evening dress must subtly hug your curves (don’t hesitate to cheat a little with a bottom of the dress) and reveal your neckline and your shoulders. If you have the size marked, it is recommended to opt for an outfit that highlights it such as a wrap dress or a matching skirt and crop top set. Are you proud of your legs? The corolla dress reveals them nicely with its midi length and adapts ideally to your morphology. Indeed, it surrounds your waist, hides your hips and structures your body. Last tip: for a long dress, avoid too many ruffles which tend to compress the silhouette.

Athletic silhouette: opt for dresses that rebalance V-shaped morphologies

We speak of a sporty silhouette when the shoulders are wider than the hips. To rebalance this type of silhouette, we avoid creating volume at the shoulders and we focus on skater type evening dresses at the bottom flared. Chic and seductive, the peplum dress has the advantage of widening your hips, which also rebalances the curves of your body. To summarize, we choose an evening dress that refines the upper body and plays on the volumes in the lower part from the hips.

sexy evening dress

Small and thin: give preference to short evening dresses

Are you petite with a slim waist? The short dress is your best ally to shine in the evening! Indeed, this model of dress ideally lengthens your legs. Be careful, however, every detail counts: too plunging necklines or flared cuts tend to shrink even when your dress reveals your pretty legs. We therefore opt for a well-fitted evening dress that stretches the silhouette. Finally, if you can’t resist the pleasure of wearing a long dress, we recommend that you reveal your shoulders and wear heels for optimal effect.

voluptuous evening dress

Tall and thin: choose dresses that play with volumes

Are you taller than 1m70 and your slender figure makes people jealous? To make even more envious in the evening, opt for an outfit that adds volume to your figure. This is particularly the case of ruffle dresses or some draped dresses which particularly flatters your body type. Deconstructed cuts counterbalance the slender effect, as do the prints and horizontal stripes. For a harmonious look, we also make sure to choose an evening dress that falls just above the knee and we avoid models that are too short.

Evening dress: why not opt ​​for “slow fashion”?

Whether it is for men with jackets or for women with beautiful evening dresses, everyone likes to dress well for a night out with friends, family, or for a big event. Unfortunately, for several years now, some will have noticed that clothes have an annoying tendency to become “disposable”. They are of such poor quality that after just a few washes they lose their cut and color, so that some choose to part with them permanently.

If some have tried to educate consumers by asking them to go find what was clearly hidden behind a t-shirt or an evening dress sold for only a few euros, not everyone takes this step and some take the opportunity to buy clothing at low prices. It is in this context that a whole new mode of consumption has developed: it is Slow Fashion! Concretely, this current of fashion is directly inspired by “slow life”, in other words “slow life”. The principle is very simple and you can understand it by its name: it is about consuming less but better! By choosing clothes that are more durable over time like we find on the internet, you will pay more for them but they will be of much better quality. At a time when more and more young French people are sensitive to all the issues related to sustainable development and ecology, this is a trend which is increasingly successful and which is more and more attractive. more people. Moreover, in the long term, an evening dress bought in this context is not a bad deal! Indeed, this will allow you to be sure to be able to put it back for a new occasion without taking the risk that it is no longer up to date or too damaged after a few uses.

These clothes usually come at a certain price, even when considered low end, and therefore by choosing to go for an evening dress that is a little more expensive but more durable, you will no longer need it. buy back regularly. With discounted rates several times a year and especially at the time of sales that should soon arrive, you would be wrong to deprive yourself!

You are now ready to find the evening dress of your dreams: the one that fits you like a glove and that sublimates your silhouette perfectly! No more choosing a dress without thinking about highlighting your assets. Taking into account your morphology, you are sure to opt for the glamorous and festive outfit that suits you.



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