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Boursorama ULTIM METAL review – Best 2021 Travel Credit Card?

VISUAL PRICE Free Conditions: € 9 / month in the absence of at least one payment transaction per month A complete premium offer at € 9.90 / month DESCRIPTION With Visa Ultim, payments and withdrawals are superior to Visa Classic, there are exclusive services, comprehensive insurance and other advantages… Visa Insurance & Assistance included Payment ceilings up to € 50,000 / month and withdrawal ceilings up to € 3,000 / week. Free and unlimited payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world. International transfers: free & unlimited in all currencies. CONDITIONS FOR OPENING AN ACCOUNT Without condition of income or outstandings Without condition of income or outstandings 1st PAYMENT ON OPENING A BOURSORAMA ACCOUNT 300 € € 500 BOURSORAMA PROTECTION First insured holder: from 0.99 € / month For 2 insured holders: from 1.99 € / month Free Premium protection and guarantees with the insurance and assistance of a Visa Premier as well as Boursorama Protection and Smart Delay. CEILINGS Withdrawals: € 920 / week Payments: € 3,000 / month Withdrawals: € 3,000 / week. Payments: € 50,000 / month EXCEPTIONAL WITHDRAWALS Yes Yes MODIFICATION OF CB CEILINGS Yes Yes FOREIGN PAYMENT FEES Free Free & unlimited FOREIGN WITHDRAWAL FEES Free Free & unlimited OVERDRAFT 100 € / month – Changeable to 200 € / month unconditionally Overdraft authorized after 3 months up to € 2,500 FLOW TYPE Systematic authorization card Immediate debit allowing transactions to be carried out with your credit card only after checking the available balance on the account Immediate or deferred Immediate debit: No income conditions Deferred debit: € 2,500 in monthly credit flows or € 5,000 in outstanding SEE THE BOURSORAMA ULTIM OFFER SEE THE MAP SEE THE MAP



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