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Best men’s leather backpack: review and comparison

Whether it’s clothing or accessories, leather has many advantages. It stands the test of time and offers an elegant appearance that stays that way despite the natural discoloration that occurs over the years. If you are convinced by the strength of this natural material and seduced by its aesthetics, you will appreciate our selection of the most beautiful men’s leather backpacks. But before presenting it to you, we will list and detail the criteria for choosing this accessory. Indeed, it is not a question of choosing a classic backpack. You will see that very specific elements must be taken into account to allow you to select the ideal leather model!

The advantages of the leather backpack

Because leather is much stronger than any fabric, a backpack made from this material guarantees excellent longevity. Designed to last, the leather, thicker than the fabric, will offer more effective protection to your fragile objects such as the cell phone or the tablet.

Another advantage of this material: its natural impermeability which will allow you to keep your things dry in the event of rain. Very convincing in terms of aesthetics, leather remains attractive when it ages. Discolored, it will give a very trendy vintage style to your old backpack.

Finally, leather is a breathable material. The risk of mold is therefore minimal.

How to choose a leather backpack?

Here are the decisive criteria for choosing the leather backpack.

The capacity

Your new backpack should allow you to fit all the things you want to take with you. So start by thinking about the use you reserve for this accessory. Are you going to use it to get to work? To walk in the city or for your long walks in the forest? The items taken will not be the same in each of these situations. Once your use has been defined, you can choose the capacity of your new leather backpack and refine your search from there.

The dimensions

The dimensions of the bag influence its capacity. But they also determine its level of congestion. Once again, you have to think about your use to understand this criterion of choice. If your leather backpack goes with you to work, for example, how much space will you have to store it?

Also note that the larger the bag, the more leather there is and the higher its price will be.

The type of leather

As you probably know, there are several types of leather, the origin and quality of which differ.

Calfskin is noble, supple and smooth. It is used to make luxury leather goods accessories.

Lambskin is smooth and delicate. Its finesse and flexibility make it an ideal leather for making gloves and clothing.

Thicker than lambskin, sheep leather offers a more marked grain and a more affordable price. It is mainly used to make clothes.

Pigskin is tough, thick and porous. Its hue is naturally light. This inexpensive material is often used to make jackets and jackets.

Goat leather is both fine and resistant. It has a slightly grainy surface. Often used to make jackets, it results in inexpensive creations.

Naturally grained and supple, buffalo leather is one of the most resistant leathers.

Smooth and thick, cowhide leather has a beautiful plain and shiny appearance.

Buckskin and deer leathers are used to make gloves, clothing, and shoes.

Finally, ostrich leather is used in luxury leather goods. Supple, it presents a very particular grain.

There are still many other less common leathers. Whatever its origin, know that full grain leather is made with the upper part of the skin: the most noble part.

Nappa leather is full grain leather treated to gain flexibility and waterproofness. It is a fine and perfectly smooth high-end leather.

Also called shearling, double-sided leather is sheep or lamb leather that has retained its wool.

Finally, the split leather corresponds to the lower part of the skin, that is to say the least noble and therefore the least expensive.

The colour

Leather offers a wide choice of colors. But be aware that the more original the color, the more expensive your bag will be. Indeed, the dyeing of this material imposes a long and expensive process. The cheapest colors are black and brown.

The weight

As its name suggests, the backpack is worn on the back. Its weight therefore represents a decisive choice criterion. Remember that you will be supporting the weight of the vacuum bag added to the items being transported. This information is generally present in the product descriptions of the manufacturers.


The style of the bag is also of great importance. Know, above all, that leather is timeless in terms of fashion. So you will be stylish no matter what happens with your new backpack! Regarding the color, design, finishes and general appearance, you will only have to follow your tastes and desires.

Today, manufacturers offer large ranges filled with a wide variety of models. You will be spoiled for choice !

The interview

Each leather has different maintenance constraints. This is why, for each backpack that you like, I advise you to find out how to maintain the leather used. Thus, you will anticipate these constraints and make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

The sturdiness of the seams

To be sure that you can keep this new backpack for a very long time, you need to ensure its level of quality. Robustness and careful stitching are among the elements that guarantee the quality of this accessory. I advise you to refer to the opinions of buyers to try to evaluate this criterion. These will allow you to get a precise idea of ​​this notion.

The 4 most beautiful men’s leather rucksacks according to Vide Dressing

1. The leather backpack with rolled-up opening and slot for the 17 ″ laptop PC by Berliner Bags

This leather backpack has a cotton lining and measures 45 x 35 x 11 cm. It weighs 1.2 kg and uses high quality leather for its design. Thus, it is able to guarantee excellent wear resistance. In addition, the zippers fitted to this model are guaranteed to be robust.

With a capacity of 17 L, this backpack will allow you to carry a lot of things with you. Among these, a 17 ″ computer which will benefit from a dedicated compartment. A small rectangular pocket on the front of the bag will allow you to insert a few small items.

With a rolled-up closure and a pretty brown hue, this leather backpack has a decidedly vintage look. In addition, this closure system allows the volume of the bag to be adjusted. Retro closing buckles will convince fans of the vintage style.

Spacious, this leather backpack seems to suit different uses. For work, leisure or school, it will play its role while expressing an elegant style. Handcrafted, it has benefited from a natural dye which gives it a unique color. Waterproof, this backpack has adjustable straps and a specific pocket for the mobile phone.

Its strengths: design, storage space, natural dye, proven quality, supple and smooth leather

Its weak points: unpadded shoulder straps, rather bulky bag

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2. The black leather backpack with compartment for a 15.6 ″ laptop PC by BOSTANTEN

In a similar price range, this genuine leather backpack weighs 1,120 kg and comes in an elegant black shade. Its 3 pockets close with a sturdy zip. The main compartment can accommodate a 15.6 ″ laptop. Padded, it will protect the latter from shocks.

Spacious and equipped with many pockets, this backpack will allow you to carry a lot of things. IPad, cell phone, sandwiches and handkerchiefs will find dedicated locations. Thus, you will organize the storage of your personal items and no longer waste time looking for them.

This spacious backpack measures 29 x 12 x 43 cm. Less bulky than the previous one, it will be less bulky, but also lighter. Lined, it guarantees high resistance to wear thanks to its cowhide design. Lined and handcrafted, it has adjustable shoulder straps and a tether strap that will allow you to attach it to the luggage cart.

Both elegant and discreet, I think this leather backpack can lend itself to all uses.

Its strong points: the organization of storage space, the robust cowhide design, its compact and discreet design, its attachment strap for the luggage trolley, its solid stitching

Its weak point: very classic aesthetics

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3. The black leather backpack with slot for a 15.6 ″ CLUCI laptop

We stay in the same price range with this large capacity leather backpack with a soft touch polyester lining. Made of full grain cowhide leather, it promises excellent resistance to wear and friction.

Its exterior zipper and U-shape inside out will allow you to easily insert and extract your belongings from the bag. A small specific pocket will allow you to slip a card or a photo for the identification of the baggage.

This spacious and practical model offers 3 large compartments with a sturdy closing zip. The space dedicated to the laptop is padded to ensure effective protection against shocks. Many other interior and exterior pockets will allow you to carry a large number of things.

Comfortable, this leather backpack has a quilted surface on the back. Breathable, this part will be pleasant in contact with your back. In addition, the shoulder straps are adjustable and a specific strap is present to secure the bag to a luggage cart.

Rather compact, this model still manages to offer a large storage space. In terms of design, it turns out to be rather discreet. Completely black, it seems to me elegant enough to accompany you to the office. I think this backpack will also meet the requirements of students.

Its strong points: spacious storage space and numerous pockets, design in full-grain cowhide leather, large zipper opening, comfortable wearing, compact, discreet and elegant design, nylon handles to not be embarrassed by perspiration

Its weak point: no rigid protection under the bag

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4. STILORD ‘Conner’ vintage ocher / brown leather backpack with laptop slot

Let’s complete this selection with this superb leather backpack adorned with a pretty light brown hue. 3 other colors are available: mocca, dark brown and black. Lightweight and compact, this model is less bulky (29 x 37 x 8 cm) than the previous ones. It therefore offers a lower capacity which will still allow it to accommodate a 13.3 ″ laptop.

Made of genuine cowhide leather, this backpack promises excellent resistance to wear and friction. I think you will be able to use it for many years to come! Elegant and adorned with a resolutely vintage style, it will also accommodate papers, books and a bottle of water.

Its zipper and rounded closure will secure your belongings and facilitate the insertion and removal of the latter. For your comfort, this leather bag has adjustable straps and a handle that will allow you to carry it in your hand. Functional, it places a zipped pocket in its main compartment, provides a second pocket dedicated to the smartphone and a last accessible on the front of the bag.

Its strengths: elegant and vintage design, compact size, light bag, robust cowhide design, sturdy zips, several colors available

Its weak point: slot for the unpadded laptop

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