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Best cold weather sleeping bag: Review and comparison

If you plan to venture out into the cold, you will need to equip yourself accordingly. In this article, we’ll talk about duvets designed to provide effective protection in extreme cold. It is therefore not a question of choosing a classic sleeping bag for camping, but rather specific equipment, carefully designed to insulate from the cold and protect against bad weather and wind.

Note to hikers and climbers, this complete guide is written for you! Thanks to our advice, you will be able to get what is best on the market. After reading all of our tips and tricks, browse our selection of best cold weather duvets according to videdressingweek to find the perfect model today!

How to choose your very cold sleeping bag?

Here are the decisive criteria for choosing a sleeping bag designed to offer optimal protection against the cold.

The form

The very cold duvets will offer you the choice between the blanket version and the sarcophagus version. Rectangular, the cover offers a larger covering surface. In addition, it can be connected to another down and has an affordable price. However, it takes longer to heat up and can generate more space during transport.

The sarcophagus version very cold down will keep your whole body warm almost instantly! With an elasticated hood, it will also protect your head from the cold. Lightweight and compact, this accessory is compact and therefore very easy to transport. The only drawback: its price is higher. On the other hand, this type of down will offer you better protection against the cold.

The operating temperature

Subjected to temperature tests, the duvets see their performance vary from one model to another. Based on your usage, you need to determine the ideal sleeping bag temperature level.

It is a very cold down that you are looking for. It is therefore necessary to require a comfort temperature corresponding to the climatic conditions. The comfort temperature of a sleeping bag corresponds to the extreme temperature at which your thermal comfort is guaranteed. Lying on your back in the down, arms at your sides, you will not feel the cold.

If you are satisfied with a down that offers a temperature limit in similar climatic conditions, you will begin to feel the cold in this position. So, you will need to go into the fetal position to keep the heat around you. This constraint could affect the quality of your sleep.

Finally, if you opt for an even cooler sleeping bag, you risk hypothermia.

Please note, the ideal comfort temperature varies depending on the conditions of your trip. Indeed, at 1000 m and 250 m, the requirements will not be the same! So take into consideration the geographical area you are venturing into, the altitude and the weather conditions.

Also take into consideration your resistance to cold. We are not all equal when it comes to this notion. People who are particularly cautious can choose the warmest down without hesitation. A down designed to provide a comfortable temperature of 0 ° C, for example, would be ideal for an ambient temperature of 5 ° C.

very cold down

The filling

Very cold duvets offer two types of filling. Synthetic wadding and down. Each of them guarantees good thermal insulation, but has some distinct characteristics.

When we talk about a down filling, it also contains feather. These materials allow the sleeping bag to store air to create effective thermal insulation. The FP (Fill Power) index will allow you to assess the capacity of the blanket to insulate you from the cold. In fact, the higher this value, the better protected you will be in extreme cold conditions.

Another important information: goose down has better insulating properties than duck down. It therefore results in more expensive sleeping bags.

The advantage of synthetic wadding is its ability to dry very quickly. In the event of ambient humidity, this material will preserve its powerful insulating capacities to continue to ensure your thermal comfort. Synthetic wadding therefore seems to offer the best alternative to hikers who venture into wetlands. Only downside: these duvets promise less longevity.

The locking system

Most of the time, these are zips that allow the user to close and open their down. For your convenience, choose a left-handed closure if you are left-handed and a right-handed closure if you are right-handed. Note that there are zippers with an anti-jamming system. This little extra can be appreciated in extreme cold situations.

The dimensions

A high-performance cold-weather sleeping bag must have dimensions adapted to your size. Too small, it would prevent you from finding a pleasant position. Too large, it could affect your thermal comfort.

In order not to go wrong, you can do a little calculation. If it is a sarcophagus down, subtract 30 cm from its length to find out the maximum size it will be able to accommodate. Compare this with yours and you will know if the model in question may be right for you. Proceed in the same way for the blankets, but remove only 5 cm.

Top 4 of the best cold weather duvets according to Vide Dressing

1. The very cold sarcophagus down -10 ° C by Bessport

Light and warm, this sarcophagus-shaped sleeping bag is able to guarantee your thermal comfort down to -10 ° C. Reclosable thanks to a zipper accessible from the outside and inside, it places a Velcro on its upper part to prevent accidental opening.

Thick and spacious, this very cold down guarantees a comfortable position for people measuring up to 198 cm. With a high width of 80 cm, you will not be constrained in your movements when lying down. At the bottom of the bag, the width reaches 42 cm to preserve mobility at the lower legs. In addition, the footbox will optimize space and comfort level for the feet.

This high-performance cold sleeping bag features a soft and breathable 100% polyester lining for a pleasant feel. In addition, the presence of high quality polyester ripstop on the outer sides optimizes its wear resistance.

The synthetic wadding providing the filling of this down is made of cotton. Its powerful insulating properties will ensure your comfort in negative temperatures. In addition, a hood with drawstring will protect your head from the cold.

Finally, this sleeping bag is practical since it has an inside pocket that will allow you to slip your valuables inside.

Covered in a royal blue shade, this model is also available in dark blue and orange.

Its strengths: secure and accessible zip inside and outside the down, spacious and comfortable interior, inside pocket, carrying bag provided, insulating capacities confirmed by users

Its weak point: its thickness makes it bulky

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2. The very cold sarcophagus down goose down -15 ° C Hyke & Byke

Much more expensive than the previous one, this very cold down has replaced wadding with goose down to guarantee very effective thermal insulation. With 800 FP, it is able to offer very high protection against the cold! In addition, it offers many different colors, but always original.

Guaranteed for life, this down sleeping bag is light and easy to carry. Of proven superior quality, it guarantees a waterproof design to protect you from moisture as well. Thanks to small microscopic air pockets formed by the space between the feathers, the down will store heat to provide optimal insulation. So you will sleep warm down to -15 ° C.

Comfortable and efficient, this model incorporates an ultralight water-repellent nylon lining, a flexible and resistant fabric. Its YKK zippers are sturdy and the space at the shoulders and feet is wide enough for you to move easily. A hood with a drawstring will protect your head and face from the cold.

To optimize the durability of the down, horizontal reinforcements are present. In addition, a protective cover will facilitate its transport. Several sizes for children and adults are available.

Its strong points: goose down filling, 800 FP, high quality, optimal longevity, waterproof and comfortable design, carrying case provided, many choices of colors, excellent quality / price ratio attested by buyers

Its weak point: the price

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3. The super-cold sarcophagus ultra light and compact down -6 ° C Terra Hiker

Less expensive than the previous model, this very cold down in the shape of a sarcophagus comes with a duck down filling. This insulation is less efficient than goose down, but it still manages to offer powerful insulating properties. In addition, it turns out to be less expensive.

Completely black, this sleeping bag is able to guarantee your comfort down to -6 ° C. Lightweight, it is easily transportable in its supplied protective cover. Compacted in it, the down measures only 30 x 18 cm.

The nylon lining, flexible and resistant, will reduce the rustling of the bag. The hood and the collar can be tightened with drawstrings and Velcro closures. The footbox will provide a comfortable space for your feet.

Thanks to its water-repellent properties, nylon will protect you from the cold, rain and wind. Tear-proof, this textile will optimize the life of the down. Finally, the main two-way zipper can be opened and closed from the inside and the outside. A second opening is present to provide ventilation at the level of the feet.

Its strong points: easy transport thanks to its featherweight, robust, durable and comfortable design, effective protection against cold, humidity and wind, suspension clips for drying, carrying bag provided

Its strong point: interior coating not very soft

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4. The great cold sarcophagus down to cope with extreme conditions Marmot

This very cold down is rather expensive, but it will allow you to rest in good conditions in the event of extreme cold! Its highly insulating filling is offered by duck down. FP 700 certified, it guarantees powerful insulating properties. In addition, the feather compartments being curved, they do not slip.

Ergonomic and comfortable, this khaki green sleeping bag will keep you warm from head to toe. In addition to the main opening zip, an additional zip will give you access to ventilation if needed.

For its design, this very cold down uses high quality polyester. Thus, it offers a high resistance to wear, wind and humidity. Breathable, this material quickly wicks away moisture. In addition, a fluffy lining is present on the inside to guarantee a pleasant touch.

To optimize your comfort, the inside of the sleeping bag has a dedicated pocket for storing your personal effects. The draft-proof collar and hood will keep you warm, even in freezing temperatures. Lightweight, easy to transport and delivered with its protective cover, this very cold wind can follow you on all your adventures!

Its strengths: highly insulating padding, robust, warm and breathable design, soft interior lining, easy transport

Its weak point: the price

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