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Best batch of semi-permanent varnish

If you want to sport a beautiful manicure without going through the nail bar, you can buy semi-permanent polish and apply it on its own at home. This one can allow you to sport pretty hands for at least two weeks! In our selection, you will find some advice on the use of this cosmetic and a selection of different batches of semi-permanent varnishes that will allow you to vary the colors according to your desires.

Here is our selection of the best batches of semi-permanent varnishes.

1. Lot of 22 semi-permanent gel polish Elite99

This set of 22 semi-permanent varnishes includes a base coat and a top coat. I selected this kit because it gives you the possibility to choose 20 shades out of 58 offered. Your nail art sessions will redouble creative ideas and these will be expressed without limits! If you don’t want to choose them, the cosmetics will be randomly selected and you will discover them upon receipt.

To apply this gel polish, you will need a UV or led lamp. Your nails will be perfectly covered for a period of three weeks.

I think that with this set of Elite99 semi-permanent varnishes, you will be perfectly equipped to sport pretty hands all year round! In addition, by choosing the colors that you like the most, you will achieve personalized and unique manicures that all your friends will envy!

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2. Batch of 48 semi-permanent gel polishes ROSALIND

With 48 different shades, you can vary manicures endlessly throughout the year! For each season and for each event, one or more radiant shades will sublimate your nails. In addition, these varnishes can be used for nail art. Thus, this magnificent set will allow you to perform personalized and unique manicures to feel beautiful right down to your fingernails!

To preserve the integrity of the latter, these gel varnishes favor ingredients of natural origin in their composition. Easy to remove, they guarantee a flawless manicure for at least a week.

About this lot, user reviews highlight the beauty and intensity of the hues. In my opinion, this kit has several strengths. First, the wide range of colors it offers. If you practice nail art, you will be able to let your creativity run free without imposing any limits on yourself. On the other hand, the composition of these varnishes involves natural ingredients. They do not therefore represent an attack on your nails which will preserve their balance. This advantage brings us to a small downside, the resistance of varnishes. Indeed, the minimum guaranteed duration is only one week against two or three for other cosmetics. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to favor the outfit or the composition of the cosmetic.

Finally, I regret the absence of the top coat and the base coat that you will have to get if you do not have them yet. If so and you like to cultivate natural beauty, this semi-permanent nail polish set is for you!



€ 59.99

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3. Lot of 24 Vishine Gelpolish semi-permanent varnishes

These 24 shades of semi-permanent varnish are vibrant and very diverse. They will allow you to vary the pleasures to infinity and to express all your creativity in nail art. By choosing this Vishine Gelpolish set, you are sure to sport unique manicures that will reflect your personality, all year round!

To achieve an impeccable manicure, you will need a UV lamp, a top coat and a base coat not provided in this set. This quality gel polish is shock and scratch resistant and stays intact on your nails for two weeks.

As for the first batch that I presented to you, this one offers you the possibility of choosing the colors. Thus, you can build a manicure kit in your image. If you practice nail art, these varnishes will allow you to personalize your creations and achieve them easily. Indeed, the opinions of users highlight the quality and hold of these cosmetics.

These semi-permanent varnishes are easy to remove if you have the right equipment.

After reading the reviews and observing the many shades, I think this semi-permanent nail polish pack is ideal for women who like to sport stunning, personalized manicures. Let your creativity and your imagination speak for the seasons and events to feel beautiful right down to your fingertips!



€ 33.99

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4. Batch of 12 AIMEILI semi-permanent varnishes

I wanted to include this lot in our selection because it contains glittery shades. Thus, your will sport sparkling nails to dazzle in the evening and put a hint of madness in your life!

These 12 shades are vibrant and each one results in shiny nails. Thanks to this quality gel polish, your manicures will remain intact for three weeks. In addition, you can choose the colors according to the season, the events and your desires. These cosmetics are also suitable for the practice of nail art and will allow you to let your creativity speak to infinity!

These semi-permanent varnishes are truly amazing! They change color depending on the temperature of the hands. Sometimes they can even take on the appearance of a shade gradient.

If you like to apply a touch of fantasy to your nails, I recommend this set of 12 varnishes which will offer a real mirror effect on your nails. With the glittery shades, the color changes and the nail art creations that these stunning shades will inspire you, you will dazzle your friends with each new manicure!

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Things to know about semi-permanent varnish

As the name suggests, semi-permanent varnish is durable. It therefore allows you to wear pretty nails for a longer duration than that offered by conventional varnishes. Because its composition contains pigmented gel, this varnish requires you to have some specific tools to achieve a beautiful manicure.

After the installation, which does not present any particular difficulties, you will have to use a UV or led lamp to dry the varnish. To remove it, you will need a remover and specific small accessories that wrap the nails to optimize the action of the remover.

Once the semi-permanent varnish has been removed, it is best to leave the nails in the open air for a week. Indeed, under this cosmetic, the nails do not breathe. In addition, the gel and the solvent can dry out and weaken them. Therefore, they should not be permanently covered.

How to use it ?

To achieve a perfect manicure worthy of a professional, you must follow different steps. Before applying gel polish, file your nails, clean them and push back your cuticles. Then apply the base coat in a thin layer and dry with your UV lamp. Once dry, your nails can be covered with the semi-permanent varnish of your choice. Again, use the UV or led lamp for drying. The installation ends with the application of the top coat which again involves the lamp.



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