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Best Adidas Leggings for Women: Our Top 5

Today, leggings are worn by all women. For sport in summer or winter, for relaxation, in case of pregnancy and even as part of a sexy outfit, these tight pants are truly versatile. Finally, leggings are a staple in the wardrobe of all women of all ages. On the men’s side, it is much less worn. Only certain sports integrate it into their equipment, cycling or running for example.

In this article, we explain why these pants are so popular. Then, you will discover our selection of the most beautiful Adidas models referenced on Amazon.

Here is our selection of the most beautiful Adidas leggings

1. The Adidas Alphaskin Sport Iteration Long women’s leggings

We begin this selection with a rather original model for women. The majority color of these leggings is dark blue. The patterns correspond to stars and light blue mesh panels cover the top of the knees and go down the back of the pants to the calves.

Specially designed for sports, these stylish leggings are made from a stretch mesh that wicks away perspiration. By compressing the legs, it is able to guarantee good support and great freedom of movement. Its long cut allows it to cover your ankles.

At the waist, the support belt is wide and elastic. This is a mid-high waist since this belt arrives below the navel. It is higher at the level of the back to guarantee good support for the leggings during stretching, for example.

In terms of aesthetics, I think these leggings are pretty convincing. Its design is original, the colors and patterns are attractive. In terms of comfort, the presence of elastane offers good elasticity and the legs are well compressed to optimize the irrigation of the muscles.

In my opinion, these sports pants can be perfect for some women and unpleasant to wear for others. Indeed, those who feel more comfortable in a high cut, that is to say a leggings whose belt falls to the waist, will not appreciate the cut of this legging. Those who like to show off their pretty muscular belly will be perfectly at ease!

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2. The Adidas Originals women’s leggings

More expensive, this rather classic legging from a design point of view does justify its price. Unlike the previous model which used polyester for its design, the Adidas Originals leggings are made from 93% cotton and 7% elastane.

The natural cotton fiber is the best alternative in terms of quality and comfort. Resistant, breathable and hypoallergenic, it results in a garment that is soft to the touch, respectful of the skin and brilliantly wicks away perspiration. Elastane guarantees the elasticity of the leggings.

Thus, you get pants that compress the legs to help your muscles recover after exercise. In terms of the cut, this is a normal size. The belt therefore arrives at the level of the navel to guarantee optimal maintenance of the garment during exercise.

Looking at this Adidas leggings, we can see that it favors comfort over aesthetics. Its visual appearance is not particularly convincing. It’s a classic gray that covers the entire pants. The famous white stripes are present on the side lengths of the leggings.

I think if you are looking for comfortable pants for your workouts, you are in front of the ideal model! Comfortable, non-irritating, guaranteeing good support, it will keep you warm in winter and keep your legs cool in summer thanks to its cotton design. On the other hand, it will not bring originality to your sports outfit.

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3. The Adidas Ask SPRT Lt men’s leggings

Now here’s an Adidas leggings for men. Cycling or running enthusiasts, these sports pants are ideally designed to support physical exertion outdoors. Enjoy a real second skin feeling with these cotton and elastane leggings!

A soft, breathable, resistant, hypoallergenic and insulating natural fiber and an elastic textile fiber, this is the ideal combination to practice your favorite sport in the best conditions. Whether it’s cold or hot, you’ll always be comfortable in these leggings. Your compressed thigh muscles and calves will see their irrigation optimized and their recovery facilitated.

The mid-rise waist of these sports pants makes the belt fall below the navel. It is, in my opinion, the ideal cut for men regardless of their morphology. This long model covers the ankles.

On the aesthetic side, these leggings are rather classic. Again, men do not cultivate the same demands as women in this area. The black color therefore seems ideal. The Adidas logo is present on the front of the left thigh.

Classic, comfortable and resistant at the same time, I think these men’s leggings meet all the requirements of seasoned athletes!

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4. The Adidas Essentials Season All Over Print women’s leggings

Here is a very successful model in terms of aesthetics. Indeed, this legging mixes black and magnificent shades of cyan blue. These camouflage-type patterns do not go unnoticed and will probably make envy among your comrades at the gym!

But what is it worth in terms of comfort? At the level of the belt which falls just at the level of the navel, the support is guaranteed by a rather wide elastic band. The proven elasticity of these pants ensures good compression of the thigh and calf muscles to promote their irrigation and facilitate their recovery.

Finally, synthetic textile materials do not offer the level of softness of cotton but guarantee good resistance over time.

If on the aesthetic side, these leggings are among the most convincing of this selection, in terms of comfort, they do not equal the models designed in natural cotton fiber.

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5. The women’s leggings Adidas Tights Leggings

I finish this selection with a high waisted women’s sports leggings. Green in color, it has no patterns but sports the famous white stripes on its side lengths. Its long cut covers the ankles while its high waistband guarantees good support for the pants during exercise.

Designed in polyester, these leggings are resistant and breathable. Comfortable, it is not as soft as a cotton model but brilliantly wicks perspiration.

If you are more comfortable in high waisted leggings, I think this model will be perfect for you. It will highlight your waist and offer you good training conditions by compressing your leg muscles.

Also, I find the color green to be a great choice! Little worn, it will allow you to stand out from other sportswomen while remaining discreet!

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A comfortable garment

Specially designed for sports, the leggings compress the legs to accelerate blood circulation. This results in better irrigation of the muscles during exercise. These will therefore recover faster than if you were wearing loose pants.

To offer an optimal level of comfort during the effort, the leggings do not display the same intensity of compression on the different areas of the body. This is more important at the level of the legs, in particular the calves, and decreases when arriving on the abdominal belt.

A seductive garment

Because sport is practiced by more and more women and more and more regularly, sports equipment brands have developed wide ranges of specific clothing with all kinds of leggings. Original colors and varied patterns will therefore allow you to choose a model that is both comfortable and meets your aesthetic requirements.

When choosing, you will have to try to find a legging that brilliantly combines comfort and aesthetics. Indeed, some have prioritized comfort and wear a simple black color while others have only a nice design to offer. It’s up to you to define your own requirements.

Why choose Adidas?

For many years, Adidas has been one of the best sportswear brands. Also involved in fashion, it offers an extremely wide range and does not neglect any athlete. As for leggings, the catalog is very rich. Many models favor comfort over design because Adidas is above all a brand of sports equipment. Nevertheless, you will manage to find leggings that are different from the classic black. In smaller quantities, you will also find men’s models.



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