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18 unmissable places to do and see along the water

Why should you visit Venice?

Venice is an extraordinary city where every square meter is a reason to marvel. Whether for its monuments, its rich mansions bathed in water, its narrow canals, its narrow streets hiding unsuspected shops, to visit Venice is to go from surprise to surprise.

In addition, to know what to do in Venice, nothing could be simpler: several lows cost serve the destination which makes it very affordable. Besides, do not hesitate to go on flight and stay comparators to book your trip to Venice. This will prevent you from going to every low cost airline or online travel agency site for Find the best price.

But if you are afraid of the internet user or if you have a very small budget, you can sometimes pay even less by taking the night train who will lead you directly in front of the city! And if you are visiting Italy, Venice is served by almost every destination in the country and it is even direct from Rome.

As for accommodation, if you look a little, you will always find a small hotel, outside the areas overrun with tourists. In addition, in Venice, you are never more than 10 minutes on foot from places of interest and main monuments!

Once there, what’s great is that you don’t have no need to take the metro, taxis or other tiresome or expensive public transport. No, here to go from one “remote” point to another, you have to take the vaporetto, the local water bus. And nothing more nice and beautiful than to see the perspectives of houses and alleys parades before your eyes during a journey.

Immerse yourself in a museum city

But most of the time to visit Venice is to take a leisurely stroll, getting lost regularly in the alleys and the different neighborhoods. The island (finally the set of islands) is about 3km long by 2km wide. As much to say to you that the crossing of Venice is not a goal or an achievement in itself.

And what is amazing is that there are so many alleys, nooks and crannies in such a small area that every curious traveler will have seen things totally different from another.

Do um trip to venice, it’s immerse yourself in a museum city and although it can often have a negative side, here in Venice it is in a good way. Because the city is all there is more alive, with its shops, markets, artisans and shops.

Despite the enormous tourist craze for more than decades, the island has kept a soul. It is true, however, that in the most touristic streets this is no longer totally true and that it is difficult to find a bakery. But in a still reasonable proposition, this is still the case… but for how long?

When we visit the city, we feel all the history and the past greatness of this island nation. And if you are not a big fan of museums and don’t want to spend your day among the incredible monuments that the city has to offer, at least here it has so much to see from the outside that you spend your day in the great outdoors.

It’s a bit like Rome and all its monuments but concentrated on a small area.

A romantic stroll in the canals

I told you about the alleys, but obviously one of the major attractions that makes Venice so unique, those are its canals! So there, frankly, if you don’t fall in love with every little bridge and alley crossed by its small Venetian canals, you are insensitive!

It’s a quite unreal vision to see these freestone or brick buildings, dive directly into the water. And that the front door gives not on the street but on the canal ^^.

And if really for you feel too oppressed by the crowd or through the narrow streets of Venice, so come on take a tour of the island of Murano 20min by vaporetto known for its glass crafts.

If that is still not enough, push your visit to Burano 1 hour by vaporetto from Venice.

There you will find all the charm of Venice but with colorful houses everywhere and especially hardly anyone around you!

In short, Venice is an unreal city and so close to home that you really have to visit it!



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